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Yup, Wade has the moves. He made a move on my fictional comic book lover heart ♥ already. So Merc's who has the moves?

A few days ago we worked on a Christmas Story for Deadpool and it is still going on. Okay now all the Mercs with mouths that participated. I need to know if you mind your handle "Vingle community name" on the Jpeg I'm going to create when the story gets closed. I did want to tweet it at Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool Movie to let him know that he has fellow Mercs on Vingle. Also I want to see if I can get us some extra exposure because from what I see and who is involved in the Mercs with mouths are absolutely talented and amazing people all together. I'm so happy that I have been able to help the mod and the other support in the Marvel Community. Also I'm absolutely proud that I have met amazing people on Vingle but especially within the Mercs with mouths. I know displaying our story to Ryan Reynolds on Twitter is an Hail Mary but I do get responses from people at times. And I believe that with the creativity of the Mercs with mouths, I am willing to make some noise (of course postive) for us. I thank you guys so much again! L A Von York

If you want to be tagged with the Mercs with mouths stuff DM me or leave it in the comments.

Deadpool and Spider-Man for the rode!
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With that booty, it's no surprise Deadpool knows how to sue it XD
2 years ago·Reply
And it's cool with me too!
2 years ago·Reply
@LAVONYORK I don't mind that my name is on it
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 Deadpool's booty, legit!
2 years ago·Reply
deqdpools wins. for using the most personas 😂
2 years ago·Reply