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It was supposed to be a simple Jimin/noona fan fic and it has exploded out of control! I'll now have to put it on AFF in parts and not the one shot I thought I could do. Ah this imagination of mine. @Emealia @MadAndrea @CreetheOtaku
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@MadAndrea still working on the Jimin (it's 18 pages and it might just end up being a story), but a Yoongi one just popped up. I'll send you the link when I (edit and) post it tomorrow.
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@SunnaWalo where are you posting it?
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@MadAndrea on AFF
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@SunnaWalo k well post the link and I'll try my best to read it/finish it as soon as possible! I was just wondering if you'd be putting it on watt pad
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