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Chapter 1: "The father , the son, and the hold spirit. Amen." I did the cross over my self touching each part with holy water and my skin started to burn. I had to pray like this every morning. I had to pray and thank god that I'm still aloud to walk on this earth. To thank him for all the hard times that I had, because I deserved them all. That's only something to expect from someone like me. Someone with eyes as red as the blood my fangs yearn for. My whole existence is a Sin. From the second I was born I was marked as something that would go to hell for being alive. I walked down the hallway heading to morning mass. I've never met anyone of my kind, but I've heard stories of the wicked creature I was made to be. Well I will never be like them! I will never be subjected to desire like that! Not to where I take innocent lives! " sister rose." I heard next to me." Yes sister Samira?" I asked looking over to her as we walking down the lonely hallway of the boarding school. It was a catholic school to be exact, and sister Samira is one of the sisters I grew up with when I started going here as an infant. Even though I was a vampire. Their kind heart never turned me away, but even so....I can only live here as long as I promise never to leave again. I don't mind it, but I do wonder what the smell of fresh air smells like." Don't forget." Sister Samira said interrupting my thoughts. "You have to give the speech this Sunday. Are you prepared?" She asked and I nodded." Yes, I've been thinking very clearly about what I want to talk about." I smiled. "Sounds good. Just remember this is a big opportunity for you. Don't do something you'll regret." My eyes widened. "Tha-" I started to say softly but she interrupted me, and started to walk ahead of me." Have a blessed day." ~Hunter~ "Come on Hitari! Just one bite! One I don't know if I can last longer than this!" I yelled banging on the door to his room. We were kinda roommates. If that's what you wanted to call this weird relationship." There is no way in bloody hell I am letting you bite me! I'm still recovering from last night you repulsive animal!" I scratched at the door mimicking a puppy whine." Ri-San! I'm going to die of thirst. How can you ignore my needs like this!" Hitari growled at me with his body pushed against the door." What are you a women!" I whined." You can call me whatever you want as long as you give me blood." I cooed and he was quiet for a moment then sighed. "Fine, but you have to agree to my condition." "Depends....what is it." All I could here was tsk tsk tsk on the other side of the door. "drink first. Then I'll tell you." I know what this means....he wants to make sure that there's no way I can back out of this. I hesitated thinking a bit. Blood, or life or death situation? Well since I'm already dead. I choose blood! "Fine. Deal." I said and he opened the door. "Let's get this over with." He grumbled and I smiled walking in." Roger that captain stickler!" " Dont call me that! You Dimwitted bat!" He yelled and I laughed." Got it.... Now take off your shirt." He sighed unbuttoning it." Try not to leave it some place visible. I don't need the nuns asking questions. How many confessions do you think I'll have to go through after I say." Oh this? sorry....just my vampire roommate having his breakfast.""I pushed him down a little looking at his body and wondering where the best place to bite him would be. Chest? Sides? Got it! The little space between his shoulder and chest. " Just tell them I was really hungry. I'm sure they'll understand." I smirked bending down and biting him letting his blood drip into my mouth as I sucked. He gasped from my fangs pricking into his veins. "H-how can you even do this.....d-doesn't it....bother you....that I'm a guy." He panted as I sucked his blood for a little longer, because my mom always told me not to talk with food in my mouth, before lifting up and licking the blood from the corner of my mouth. "Blood is blood. Beggars can't be choosers. Besides, what's gender got to do with food? Do you not eat hamburgers that came from boy cows because your a boy?" He blushed sitting up and I pushed him back down. "Just a little more.... If you're going to have me do something weird I want it to be worth it." I said and heard him go." Tsk." Before saying." Fine, just don't make it to where I need a blood transfusion." I nodded not being able to wait since I had already started tasting blood, and now I wanted more. I moved to the other side marking him in the same place. He gripped my shoulder when I bit him, I slowly let his blood consume me. I don't know any vampire that doesn't get a little high from drinking blood. It's our biggest drug, and our most important need. Hitari started tapping my arms after about 30 seconds. "Hunter...that's enough! off!" He said and I instantly released him. Good thing I was drinking slowly. "My times up already.....I could of sworn you could last a minute at least." His eyebrow twitched at me with irritation." Don't push your luck." He glared for a second and I flinched back a bit." So what's this favor you wanted?" I raised my eyebrow a little curious of what it could be. "Oh that, you're going to church with me this Sunday." Church? Is he insane." I just drank your blood! Do you really think they'll let me in there! Besides they'll chase me with crosses! I don't wanna go!" I said hiding under the blanket like a toddler. " well that's too bloody bad! You have to go! I need your help!" He yelled pulling the blanket away. "What can a vampire help with at church?" He sighed." There's a girl there....she's a vampire too that was taken in by the church. They're planning to use her as a sacrifice." My eyes widened! "Sacrifice for what? Church people are crazy! How can they do that to someone?" I shouted in outrage. "It's going to be her 18th birthday. The day she becomes a women and is no longer and innocent child. They're going to kill her because they fear she will become more dangerous as an adult." Wow she's young.... I mean I'm only 123 years old but you know who's counting. " I'll do it!" I quickly bursted out and he smiled patting my head." Of course you will. You made a promise after all." Link: