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I keep telling people to stay away from that site And Cas is adorable, I can actually see him being super inquisitive.
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✨ Disclaimer: this is a Fandom of the US television series Supernatural that comes on the CW. These are characters that are well written and have a very intriguing story line. There is absolutely no corruption by watching the TV show , it's entertainment. However, if someone wants to take it that far the show and the Fandom cannot be held responsible for those type of outcomes.

Tumblr scares me most of the time. I read a post where a bunch of women were plotting to eat all the men in the world. I think it's best that Cas stays clear of it.
Beware the Tumbler
see that's why dean should take his phone, so he doesn't get on things like that lol
Dude... that is a legit Castiel reaction right there. LOL!!! Although I think Dean would laugh a little just because I firmly believe Dean enjoys surprising Cas just to see the look on his face.
@BeannachtOraibh sometimes you have deflect people before more comments come lol. I'm protecting this Fandom lol
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