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Bangtan Hearts is a project about love and unity, the things that make a perfect fandom. We are making origami paper hearts and we are going to send them all off to Big Hit for BTS. As some of you may know it can be hard for international fans to show how much we love K-pop, and our goal for this is to show the world how much we love BTS. Spreading this love is important because without love and unity, BTS would not be as popular and loved as they are today. Bangtan Hearts is simple yet unique and fun! This gives fans a time to unite and come together as one, to share our love for BTS among each other. Join us in a huge effort to show our love for BTS and unity as ARMYs. Bangtan Hearts is sure to spread positivity in the K-pop world! INSTRUCTIONS 1.) Get your origami paper and write your note/letter ( please read rules down below) 2.) Fold it! here are some instructions on how to make them How to: http://www.origami-instructions.com/easy-origami-heart.html 3.) Send it! More info on the sending address will be released soon! RULES PLEASE read this before sending your hearts! 1.) Strictly 1 heart per person.You can send us more than one heart per mailing, but heart must come from a different person. 2.) Only send letters on origami paper, any other paper can not be used. 3.) Size of the paper can be 6x6 or 9x9 anything larger can not be used 4.) No photos or other gifts, only one origami heart apiece. 5.) You can choose the colors and decorate them as you wish, but no attachments or stickers etc, Doodles and drawings are fine. Anything attached is not okay. 6.) Please do not send any violent, sexual, cruel, or other inappropriate content, this is about positivity after all. 7.) Please do not add in any personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, Etc. 8.) Have fun with your letter! decorate it as you wish and just have fun, spread only positive vibes, we want this to be something remembered by them, as well as if they ever feel sad or down they could always open one of the Bangtan hearts and read it for encouragement and motivation, Good luck A.R.M.Y.S and have fun (: 9) Send the hearts by December 31 2015 to the address below. All hearts must be postmarked on or before December 31. Here is where to send the hearts: Bangtan Hearts ATTN: Donna Fox P.O Box: 13766 Sacramento CA 95853 USA **Please be sure to put Bangtan Hearts ATTN: Donna fox** if this is not added your hearts will be sent back to you. Please do not send any fan gifts as this may overflow our P.O box.
SPREAD THE WORDS GUYS!!!! We stll need 6,000 likes!!! We have to unite all the armys around the world C'mon we can do this!! https://m.facebook.com/bangtan.hearts/?tsid=0.5201833064202219&source=typeahead Click this link so you can like our page and ask questions about the fanproject!!!
PS: Guys I'm still sharing this or editing because we are really working hard to manage our time! I'll say that is my fault that we are going slow! But we prolonged our Date to February! If you have questions you can ask us on our page! Bts has changed me a lot! I'm still getting judged by people because i listen to kpop, but Bts made me realize that I'm the one that walks on the path of my future not those people. We Army are unique because we care about each other and the members too! So this project it's an opportunity for u to tell them how much they mean to u!
Why does this pic remind me of undertale?