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Anastasia Beverly Hills has lately become more popular. I must recognize they are known for their eyebrow kits. When they fiest started becoming more known I asked my boyfriend to get me a lipstick. He purchased "fruit punch" for me. unfortunate I now think it was a waste of $20 -much too glossy for my preference -doesn't try up -doesn't stay on - & becomes a mess once you have ate or simply after drinking. The only benefits were I like the colors although it didn't stay on & it smelled pretty. That is my personal Review on the liquid lipsticks. Feel free to share your thoughts
Its ok part of being a makeup junkie means discovering what you do and dont like
I'm the opposite I don't really like Mac lip glosses. lol
I love ABH lip glosses!! I bought the lip gloss collection back in Nov. I love the formula and the scent. It's smooth and nor sticky. I didn't have any issues with it coming off. I would definitely buy some more when she has great deals like the $40 buck deal for 8 shades. However, I'm a lip gloss junkie! I love the sheen. If you are not a sheen person than lip gloss may not be your favorite. Maybe you might like tinted lip balm or lip stains. I'm sorry you were able to jump on the ABH lip gloss train. I wished u had a better experience.
That's really good to know @stephosorio, thanks for the review. @marshalledgar king of lip color, have you seen this? Make sure to think twice before recommending these to all your new bride friends! :)
I've actually heard a lot of people complaining about this! If I could offer an alternative, it would probably be the MAC Cream Sheen Glass, in any shade. Theyre a lot less gloopy and sticky, but still give you the shine and application of a gloss. I"m wearing one today and I'm in LOVE with it.
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