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Tinder may have a little competition.

Okay, maybe competition was a bit of a stretch, but they should definitely sleep with one eye open because there's a new app in town. Before Anyone Else, better known as BAE is a new app that claims to make meeting people stress free and well, cool. According to the app, 'Bae provides a curated list of users looking for someone just like you.' No more reading through long, drawn out profiles only to find out that you're really not interested.
It's as easy as swiping left or right, reading a few known facts and going from there. I guess you could call it the more urban version of Tinder. If you're looking for love or maybe just someone to keep your inbox poppin' throughout the day, but you prefer not to deal with Tinder -- give bae a try. You never know what bae you might meet.

Would you give bae a try?

That's pretty cool! This sounds really interesting... how do they know what type of people the users are looking for? Is there a survey before you start using?
It's an interesting app. Basically the same as Tinder to be completely honest. Unfortunately, no survey -- you just have to swipe through & view peoples profiles before you decide to swipe left or right @AlloBaber
this made me laugh...I'm gonna try it. hopefully it wont ask me to connect my fb profile. i just find that ridiculous which is why i mever tried tinder
ok. downloaded it and deleted it. I just feel like I'm capable of uploading my own pictures and info w/o needing an app to access all my freaking info!!!!
Yeah, I gave it a try. It was cool for a minute. I ended up deleting it as well lol @Kamiamon