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Q: I met a guy who lives in Wisconsin and he's amazing. We've skyped and been internet friends for a while. How do I make us a thing without having a relationship (so I can meet him one day but not start a relationship with someone across the country.) It's a bit hard to come with a good answer since you haven't given much details but i'll give it a try! First you need to ask yourself what's your relationship with him right now? Are you just friends or more than that?? If it's only friendship between you guys then you'll have to make more effort to make him want to meet you! Make your friendship grow to the maximum, make yourself an important part of his life but you should also make him realise that you're not interested in having a bf right now if u just want a thing with him (by a thing you meant being more than friend but less than lovers right?) If you both are more than friends then why not date each other? It's not that bad after all, i've friends and cousins who have had successful long-distance relationships! I have many online friends all across the globe and some like me too but I'd rather just be friends because right now i'm not interested on finding love. But if you really don't want to date him then just be honest and tell him beforehand. Damn that was pretty lame but just hope it kinda helped u! @NerukaWong @AlloBaber
Of course!! honesty is my favorite policy too @humairaa :)
@nicolejb Omg really??😳 thanks
This was so nice @humairaa you are really good at advice!!