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Well, I'll be! I never thought this would be put on there, and then I'm just watching my usual dose of anime and I notice that Crunchyroll is telling me that there is the option to watch the Free! English dub for season 1?!
I haven't actually watched Free! (ITS ON MY LIST I SWEAR) but I listened to the beginning of the first episode just to see if it's too cringy....and its not! Which is great, because I can't really watch subbed anime while I'm at work, but I can handle dubbed, so now I'll have something to watch during work after the holidays. Score!

Any Free! fans out there excited for this?!

You should be able to find it on Crunchyroll just by searching there ^-^ I expect you guys to let me know if the dub is great or horrible :D
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I just finished watching Free s1 the other week, now I wanna watch this version- I've heard it's got one of my favorite dub actors in it (^_^)
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Soooooo much will season 1 be dub
2 years ago·Reply
For dvd boxset
2 years ago·Reply
season 2 boxset dvd in dub
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haru has the same voice actor as Natsu from Fairy Tail so as they are both my Main 2 i wath, im havin a little trouble shifting from a Fire Head to a really quite guy and it sounds a littke wierd... im still with 100% with SUB
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