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This time I take all the credit.

Usually when I come across something cool and innovative, I immediately give all the credit to Pinterest -- this time was different. About a week ago I picked up some rather trendy metallic sharpie markers in gold, bronze and silver. I have been into painting my own nails lately and I randomly picked up the gold sharpie and decided to design my nails. Low and behold they looked amazing.
Unfortunately, I only put a top coat on one hand -- so, you already know the outcome. Regardless of the sharpie eventually rubbing off, it looked amazing while it lasted. This little idea was definitely creative and a quick way to spice your nails up. Keep scrolling to see the short video below that shows you how you design your nails using metallic sharpies. Nobody will ever know your nail art is a market. Your secret is safe with me -- for now.

Are you absolutely loving this fun and easy nail hack?

YES! Omg I'm totally loving it :) this is PERFECT for christmassy little metallic polka dots, which I think would look amazing with the pale gold silk dress I'm wearing... omg thank you for sharing this, I can't wait to give it a try!! And once you put on a top coat, it stayed put, right?
I'm glad you included the video with the hairspray trick, @jordanhamilton. I've tried using Sharpie before and it smeared. I'll try it again with hairspray! ^_^
Totally cute!!! And it actually lasts @ButterflyBlu
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