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I haven't slept in 4 days I was to busy watching anime lol I wish someone would drug me or kirito or asuna would drag me in the game with them cuz there when I woke up I might be weak but I wouldn't need to sleep at least for awhile AHHHH SOMEONE DRUG ME ALREADY PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!
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I know but the anime I was watching was reallreallu .
2 years ago·Reply
crap I ment really
2 years ago·Reply
what anime was it
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well actually it was a couple different ones I tryed to the rest of one piece but that obviously wasn't going to happen in the amount of time I planed so than I found I a couple I hadn't seen yet the names were K Gurren Lagann karneval Eureka seven the seven deadly sins and black butler I'd actually watched eureka seven before but not all of it and it was a long time ago so I didn't remember much of it and I'd seen all of black butler already but I liked it alot so I watched all 3 seasons again and the everyday stuff made it take longer to finish the anime but yeah I going to try to get a little sleep now.
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cool I hope if you don't mind I am gonna do the same and good nap
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