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Alright guys it's the holidays which is the time of GIVING!!
So for this occasion , I thought how about we give out a G-Dragon surprise
I found some cool photocards and I want to give them to you guys
You can have one, but the one you get will be RANDOM out of 30
Yes the cards are limited they're are only 30, this is a first come first serve basis :P but...
This is not the only chance for Giveway...I will he doing more and larger Giveways as we hang around on Vingle so stick around :)


●If you are NOT 18+ PLEASE ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST!! ●Don't post your personal information in the comments! (I want to keep you guys safe, so please only inbox me) ●When you get the card, post a picture on here and tag me ●Have fun :)
The competition starts NOW!! I will be updating this card as the amount of cards go down currently we have:

11 LEFT!!

If you don't message me, your spot for a card won't be secured so please do :)
@GDsGF It's no problem this community has done a lot for me, so I want to give back :)
thank you for doing thisss 💕😭
let me know if you got my address or not
sent mine already..🙏😁 this is such a nice giveaway👏😃💞
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