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It's been a while since I've been a hardcore gamer. Like PS2 was a new thing last time I avidly gamed (Sony ftw!). I recently made a Steam account and tried downloading Fran Bow, which I seriously want to play. Sadly, I couldn't get it to run even though I'm pretty sure I meet all the needed criteria for it (specially since I just got a new laptop).
Either way, since it was a Christmas present from my best friend, he told me to refund it to my Steam wallet so I could get something else. So I logged on today to browse around and turns out just about every game is on sale now - Jan, 4th! And here lies my dilemma lol I'm incredibly indecisive and can't decide which game to get. So help would be appreciated!


If I remember correctly, this game has the best sales deal out of my choices. And yes, I do know PewDiePie has gameplay of this, but I want to avoid watching it if I'm going to be playing it myself anytime soon.
Here's the Steam page complete with summary, trailers, and purchase.

Pathologic Classic HD

Apparently this is a classic that I've never heard of before. It looks pretty different compared to other games I've seen and this one definitely has my interest peaked. I included both trailers because the second one seems more creepy and intriguing to me. I am slightly leaning more towards this game.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I have no doubt in my mind that this game isn't awesome. I just can't remember if I've seen gameplay of it or not haha. I don't remember anything from the trailer, so maybe I haven't? I know I've seen a little from Soma, which I can't afford right now, but want to play for sure!
The Dream MachineAnother one that seriously has my interest. I've bought the first two chapters but have yet to play them. I could also just buy the whole series discounted!
So opinions would be greatly appreciated! Basically, the way I see it, I do want to play all of these games but they all have their plus sides. Kholat has the best sales deal and money is an issue at times. Pathologic holds my interest, along with The Dream Machine (but I've been fooled by trailers before), and Amnesia is an undoubtedly good game. I need help deciding damn it!!!
Also, you can add me on Steam at PufTheDragon
Cool cool. I still haven't decided which one to get yet lol
not personally no. i have watched a friend play it though. and i watched a friend play Amnesia.
It looks good. Have you played it?
Kholat ^^
@AutumnAlford Which one?
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