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The second MV dropped today by iKON was 'What's Wrong'. The track has mostly a rock/hip hop feel, that many would enjoy. But I honestly hated the song it sounded a lot like GD's 'Crooked'. I'm sorry I don't know if GD like helped them write majority of this album or what but these two songs sound like his old stuff and this not the iKON I waited two years for. This is all just rather disappointing to me. The same thing happened with WINNER. Lemme know what you think of these tracks. iKON FIGHTING!!!
Tbh I like Ikon but this music sounds a lot like GD's old music I wanted something more like Apology that sounded more original
OMG ikon Hwaiting!!!! They are seriously no rookies , they are way too amazing <3 LOL did B.I just try to bite that girl's boob?
I saw the clip of the making of the video. I didn't know it would come out so soon. I like it, I feel like the concept is their fighting love or something.😕😮
@sarangseoltang omigod i noticed that too! Hahahahaha!!