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Is Team Rocket Really That Bad?

Hello Vingelers! It's time once again to defend a hated anime character! This time we're looking at the Pomemon thieves Team Rocket, Jesse, James and Meowth!

Prepare For Trouble!

This might seem like a weird one since they are a child's anime antagonist and meant to be hated. I would say most people who watch it now find them to be very entertaining. Think back though to right before school when you would watch Pokemon, if you're like me you hated this group. "Stop trying to steal Pikachu!" you said. Well it's time to go back in time and tell you're younger self that maybe team Rocket isn't so bad.

And Make It Double!

Let's be honest this group is a bunch of clowns. They're too stupid for their own good. Yes they want to capture Pikachu but they're not to good at it. Watching it now, and you better believe I'm watching it now, I more or less feel bad for them. How do you hate a group who just can't catch a break.

To Protect The World From Devastating, To Unite all People Within Our Nation!

There not such bad guys, remember the time they helped Pikachu defeat Lt Surge? Remember when Meowth and Pikachu got tethered together and had to work as a team to survive. They only want to help the boss, the real villain of the story Giovanni. They could really do a lot of good if given the chance. Plus they have the most adorable team of Pokemon.

To Denounce The Evils Of Truth And Love, To Extend Our Reach To The Stars Above!

Let's remember who the real villains are; the competent members of Team Rocket Cassidy and Butch and of course the leader Giovanni. Jesse and James may have given up their life of crime had not been for these people. The competition is strong with this one as loosing to Cassidy and Butch is unexplainable. And let's not forget they loyalty they have for Giovanni. If this was not a kids anime he'd probably have their head by now.

Team Rocket Blast Off At The Speed Of Light, Surrender Now Or Prepare To Fight

Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again.

Do you Agree? Am I way off base or out of line? Any Character, saga or show you want me to defend?

Let me know in the comments. Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading!
See I love Team Rocket more then the other villains in pokemon.
@TylerDurso I agree
wait .....they were hated?
@HiwaRasul it just wouldn't be the same without them
well I don't hate them, I think they make pokemon interesting
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