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EXO is coming to NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Vancouver, and LA in 2016!!! is anyone going to the chicago show? i dont know if i am but I'd love to meet and be friends with illinois exols! TOUR DATES: NYC: February 5th Chicago: February 7th Dallas: February 10th Vancouver: February 12th LA: February 14th (On Valentines Day?!?! NOT FAIR) let me know if you are or plan on going to the chicago show, thank you! love you guys so so so much :) - nya
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@Kieuseru yeah i saw the dates changes but i didnt know they announced venues! thank you!
I am going as well. Some are signing a petition to change to a bigger venue to fit more people. I hope they announce ticket prices soon so I can prepare!! Would love to meet some fellow kpop fans!! 馃槉
I'm not from Illinois, but I hope to go! (It depends though, I may not be able to...)
Please let me know if the ticket is on sale. I'm willing to buy.
@reney07 of course! I'll let you know asap