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The studios can't seem to agree on anything.

Actor Mark Ruffalo (who currently plays Doctor Banner) commented on the behind-the-scenes bickering that's keeping another solo Hulk movie from happening (via):
“Marvel and Universal famously don’t get along very well, and so that’s working against us, definitely. But I know for a fact that everyone is holding out hope that one day we can do it. But the nature of the relationship right now, it’s a little prohibitive... right now it doesn’t look particularly promising."
Because Universal still holds the distribution rights for the character, Marvel can feature him in the ensemble movies but they're not able to give the character a solo film. And in the meantime fans are feeling, well...
It's not really fair that some studio disagreements are keeping this beloved character out of the hands of those that really love him. On a scale of pink to very green, how angry are you?
@terrellhenry money talks when it comes to movies, and the true fan suffers. I'm all about Deadpool and I will be the first person there to see that movie. Unfortunately the true gets slighted
@LAVONYORK Screw those parents and their little snot nosed brats. I'm 37 and I went through the 80s swearing to myself that when I got old enough, I was going to see as many R rated movies that I damn well felt like seeing. Then I become an adult and all the R rated movies are PG-13. I want my R rated movie and it isn't going to hurt the kiddies. In fact, I'm going to take some of my underage cousins to go see Deadpool.
😭THANK YOU! 😤They need to take Mark Ruffalo and just MAKE. A. PLANET HULK. MOVIE! @MichaelLopez
Money always controls everything and I hate how companies have rights to certain characters and most likely you won't see them on the screen together. Like Spider-Man is all in Fox and they said from what I understand Spider-Man can't play a big part in Marvel's movie but I think he can do a quick cameo. And I agree about directors not waiting to take a chance on an R rated movie, just because they want to appeal to the family crowd that brings in more money than us who stand alone. There are alot of angry parents over Deadpool's rating and swearing that they wont see the movie. So I would like Hulk to have a stand alone movie but he needs an R and that's something that Marvel and Universal don't want to give.
True, when money is involved making the right Hulk movie requires rates R for one, plus not many directors willing to stake their reputation on a Hulk movie thst flopped twice. ugh, someone plz make Planet Hulk!
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