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For the sake of accuracy.

The title 'Age of Ultron' was a little misleading. An 'age' is generally at least a decade long, if not several centuries. Of course, in the information age (heh) things tend to move a little faster. But calling Ultron's long weekend of terror an age seems a little excessive. Which brings me to...

The quirky comedy for the whole family!

Natasha has a crush on Bruce but will he take the dive? Clint has a secret that he's ready to share. Meanwhile Steve and Sam are scheming behind Tony's back, will they face the consequences? It's a wild romp from start to finish!

The long-awaited sequel.

Featuring [footage not found] and "dead dove: do not eat".
What would you all have called Age of Ultron?
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@buddyesd blp bee toop
no sense que tiered este autocorrect, me estate hacienda enojado
yea I think rats the problem...the autocorrect is a bit racist馃槅馃槅
@buddyesd un poquito si
@shannonl5 lol 馃榿馃榿馃榿