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This is my secret santa thingy whatchamacallit. i dont know .org im breaking the rules but this goes to two .org my favorite people my brutha from anutha mutha @inplainsight and my sista wish i could kissa...wait that aint right...what ya expect ?? i only got two hours .org sleep!!! web slinger got jammed and now theres a mess everywhere!!! the dog ran off and took the cat with her and arch emeny Autocorrect kerps messinging wif mi...anyway @shannonl5.
After a hard night of web slinging and generaly catching people in the face, i think my friends would apprec...aperciate...like what i have to offer them :)
of course there will need to be a clean up afteewards...webs are sticky
here is my gift to @inplainsight... how .net and @shannonl5 shared his fasnisation...(whatever) with his peanut butter...we shared da luv xD
of course my gift @shannonl5 is more fun. it starts off with a strong entrance...
...and makes people happy :) of course your kinda wore out but who cares, everybodys smiling :D
well thays my thingy for santas thingy about secrets .org something...(dam phone) hope you enjoy merry christmas and a happy new year...unless you dont celebrate that in which case ill just say hello...i mean good day...i mean...chingao i cant keep up with all this...freaking hamster chewed up my Grandpas Guide to Young Peoples Crap, my kids hid my car keys from me, wifey didnt like the gas station christmas present i got her and made me sleep on the couch, just like when she found out abour peanut butter...
lol hold on, I'll be right there 馃槅馃槅
@buddyesd nah, I've got like 4 pounds of the stuff here XD
awesome your sweet <3 <3 <3 now I feel bad, I should have given you more peanut butter 馃槉馃槉
@buddyesd you? Never!
I kinda lost my touch a little bit
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