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So it's official I'm in love. I know why do I have to post this on Vingle and omg I'm betraying the other beautiful talented men (kpop) in my life. But he came in and swept me off my feet like the main lead in a Korean drama. There's many things I love about him but the one I love the most is how when I went to see Big Bang and Fangirl he just managed to have fun. By the end of the night he had been humming the tunes of each song. He didn't judge me he just stared at me and made me feel well idk all warm and stuff lol I know can I stop being corny. He thinks my obsession with talking to my fellow Vinglers is cute. We have even being brainstorming kpop related apps. I'm in Fashion and he's in Computer Engineering but it works were so different yet so alike. He's Asian Chinese/Korean and you know for a long time I was living with the thought of " what if he thinks I like him just cause he's asian?" Then I asked him and he said "well do I sing and dance" I said " yes not well but yes" Him: Well I guess it doesn't matter I mean your here with me and that makes me happy Me: (melting) okay So he's super cute and idk why he likes me but he does and idk he makes me happy and this is our Kpop Love Playlist so if any of you are in love or crushing have a listen to our top song picks.... BTW I GOT HIM INTO KPOP
SOYOUXJUNGGIGO (소유X정기고) – SOME (썸) (FEAT. LIL BOI OF GEEKS) Let me just say that for the first few months before dating we both thought one was more into each other then the other. He thought he was more into me and I thought I was more into him. When he texted me I would be busy so I would answer hours later and at times it would be the same for him. But it ended up working out and now we know why we don't answer each other it's cause were both busy and understand that about each other. Soyou (소유), Kwon Jeong Yeol (권정열) – Lean On Me(어깨) As corny as it is this is exactly how we were at first we were iffy about one another now we're so into each other that I can't help be a lovable gf and for once I actually like holding hands.
BIGBANG - 우리 사랑하지 말아요(LET'S NOT FALL IN LOVE) I think the reason why I like this song is because at the time it was a song that I could just relate to with him and when we both went to the Big Bang concert it was as if I don't know we had been together for a really long time he didn't get scared of the fact that I was saying fangirling over Big Bang big and everything just came together and it was really nice the song itself represent the fact that we both have been heart broken but we both have managed to realize that we can love again and that we will make mistakes but that everything will be okay in the end we want to be better than we want we were in our past relationships. It may last forever it may not but we enjoy each other's company and love one another were living our youth. BIGBANG - If You This is just everything that plays in my head the what if? , the I dont know how long will be? , and the "what if he wakes up one day and he doesn't feel the same?"
K.Will 오늘부터 1일 “Day 1″ just picture a boy doing these things and little by little he just takes your heart and you didn't even think he would. K.Will 니가 필요해 “I Need You” Everytime he says goodbye or goodnight I wish he would just say hi all over again.
If there's any other suggestions let me know this was just a few and I didn't want to seem so corny so I cut it to a good 6 amount that won't make anyone barf. I love all my fellow kpop fans as well .