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Hello and what's up guys this is part 9 to our on going FanFic ! . . If you are new here click >here< for Chapter 1 If you didn't see last chapter please click >here < . . . Please enjoy chapter 9
*TOP enters the room and the nurse leaves closing the door behind her* *TOP sits on the chair closest to where Jiyong lies* *moments turn into minutes and the quite room grows with tension*
*TOP shifts in his chair before breaking the silence* TOP: Jiyong.. *TOP gains no response* *He let's out a breath* TOP: If you weren't going to actually say anything why did you call for me *TOP gets up and begins to head for the door*
Jiyong: Hyung.... *TOP stops in his tracks letting go of the door knob* Jiyong: TOP-shi... can I ask you for a favor *TOP turns around placing his hands at his sides* Jiyong: please? *Jiyong sits up in the bed to look TOP in his eyes* Jiyong: please, I- I want you to take care of her
TOP: What? Jiyong: Please, please take care of Y/N for me... *TOP goes to sit beside Jiyong* TOP: ...Jiyong, what's going on...why are you here Jiyong: Just please promise me you'll that care of her TOP: yea sure I'll do it but what happened to you? *Jiyong gives TOP a small smile before getting up*
Jiyong: that's a relief TOP: wait Jiyong what are you ....can you explain- *Jiyong cuts him off* Jiyong: The doctor said it was just a little over exhaustion, but I'm ready to go and I can check out whenever TOP: oh, okay ...I guess let's go then- Jiyong: No!!
*TOP freezes and let's out a small laugh* TOP: what do you mean "no" Y/N is waiting to see you Jiyong: I don't want to see her TOP: what.... Jiyong: I can't she's - *TOP cuts him off* TOP: JIYONG you have no idea how much she cried for you, she sat here for hours! Jiyong: but you-
*TOP raises his voice cutting Jiyong off again* TOP: Do you have any idea how she feels right now. All she's does is speak about you, she tells me about how she thinks about your future together, she- Jiyong: I CAN'T SEE HER!!! *Jiyong sits back down on the bed, letting out a breath* Jiyong: I can't see her.....not yet
*The door opens and the nurse comes in* Nurse: Sir you're going to have to leave, your upsetting our patient TOP: Wait it- Nurse: I can't let you stay *TOP stops resisting and follows the nurse giving Jiyong one last glance before shutting the door*
*TOP makes his way back to the main lobby* Y/N: TOP, is he okay *TOP stops waking upon hearing your voice* TOP: Y/N... He's doing well , he should be ready to go after a few more test. They want to make sure his nutrition is Hugh so he won't pass out again *You run and hug TOP , but he doesn't hug you back his arms a left at his sides dangling * Y/N: maybe you can fix everything after all *TOP chuckles quietly to himself* TOP: Yea...
@KwonOfAKind your killing me I legit said "ANDWAEEEE" OUT LOUD LOL. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and OK OK I'll stick around
i feel like youre playing with my emotions .. thats a no no 😐😯
Omg.. I just started reading the 1st chapter & couldn't stop😛😁 This is really good👏 Great story👍 @KwonOfAKind can you please tag me on all things big bang, bts, or jiyong related🙏😁💞btw Happy Holidays😃
The next chapter is on Christmas! Can't wait!!
thank you looking forward to what happens next happy holidays,to you too
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