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Ok this anime at first I thought would not be something I would watch. After the third episode I got into it. I thought it was a really good anime. The only problem is I would like the second season to be dubbed because I already watched it subbed but it would be better dubbed. I really recommend this anime. It is really good. And you fall in love with everyone in it.
@zaperz I agree but if you look into the vampires background it is just how they were raised.
@JackSkelington They pretty much have something similar to each other's background; a dark past. The fact that they have a dark and terrible past causes them to be very crude to the female MC. Always demanding for blood from her and never consider her feelings. They just play with her like any animal would to their prey.
I agree with you I wish the second season was dubbed but besides that it was good @JackSkelington
I liked it.... loved season 2 even more... I agree it needs to be dubbed. Everyone has their opinions.
Eh, I don't really know what to say about this anime. I agree that it's somewhat good, but this anime seriously lacks a lot of things. For example, it really lacked plot development and there wasn't any character development whatsoever. The female MC is pretty much an example of no character development. It's already season two yet she still acts pretty pathetic and useless just like how she was in season one. No change there. The fact that she lets the vampires toy with her and play around with her feelings is another example. If I were to summarize this whole anime, it would be; A human girl who doesn't do anything to defend herself, but let vampires to feed on her. I'm sorry if this sounds very rude or offensive, but this is just my opinion on this anime. There's really no objective in this anime besides the vampires fighting over the female MC so they can feed on her.