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I liked this scene after his mother died because it showed that although he's a trickster and loves to manipulate people he's actually rather emotional. I could always tell that he really loved his mother so I wasn't surprised by how he reacted. Tom Hiddleston is such a great actor, he makes my heart ache! @shannonI5
@VeronicaArtino That's true you have to do what you have to do
@VeronicaArtino oh my how terrible <3 but I understand
That's such an amazing scene! He gave an amazing performance, I could feel my heart breaking the first time I saw it. Check this out everyone! @ReadAnimateSwim @Marichel @AimeeH @wolffang @CarissaLeal @ChosenKnight @lovelywhite13 @EoinMoore @katthevampire @zaperz @netchtiBates @MichelleHolly @VixenViVi @sammsosa @KarlythePanda66 @Bakuman247 @saraortiz2002 @Beeplzzz @MarySEW @Alexxe @LadyLuna @amobigbang @Marichel @GinTenma @ShinigamiSan @VeronicaArtino this scene is incredible :D
@MoisEsGaray Yeah Loki was all like "I ain't even bothered" but Thor was like " Yeah okay." Loki tries to hide his feelings but I know them!
Yes! Same here I loved it too cause he tried to cover it up with a illusion like he was "fine" but then he was all looking like a bumb I was like oh dang this guy hit rock bottom
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