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Asuna from Sword Art Online! SHE is the reason for the downfall of what could have been a great anime! When she was first introduced, she was useful and cute. But after awhile, she got really annoying and completely useless! I was almost glad she almost died in the 1st season!! Feel free to agree or disagree with me.
@tallpinoy well the romance wasn't the bad part, it made it a complete anime series...its the fact that it weakened the characters that made it bad
well I feel that she depended on kirito more than what she needed to and so they made her seem more weak to make kirito grow stronger
B-b-but she's one of my favorites
Yea Lucy is a main character and Levy is a supporting, of course Lucy's done stuff and I was just making a joke haha kinda like sakura from naruto
@LucyOfFairyTail I guess usually what you want to see is improvement from a protagonist. Instead we see the decline of Asuna.
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