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They do like to keep us on our toes.

The movies, comics, and tv series have all managed to surprise us many times. Out of the many decades that Marvel has been telling stories, what twist did you find the most memorable? Was it a character that came back to life? A visit from death? An out-of-left-field reveal? Let's talk about it!
[Blanket spoiler warning, be prepared!]
Hulk and Black Widow in the second avengers movie. Why would they do that? Whyyyyyyy? It doesn't even make sense! I'm a huge Black Widow/ Hawkeye shipper so that kind of just shot me in the heart. Black Widow and Cap is good too and even Black Widow and punisher is cool with me but I'm just not feeling them together.
@shannonl5 very true. and yeah, we probably should lol! But going back to the main post, the most memorable moment was the scene in TWS when the Lady counsel woman kicked ass and then was revealed to be Natasha. Like, as badass as it was, I kinda wish it had been her, but damn it was cool!
@shannonl15 exactly! Whedon even said he pretty much ignored Winter Soldier. She had so much character development in TWS, it was almost insulting to see how he reduced her to nothing more than a damsel in distress.And Banner's characterization was atrocious and inconsistent! The whole reason she wanted to be with him is because he was this super powerful creature that didn't want to fight, but then he had that whole "I could choke the life out of you and not change a shade" and "Piss me off, see what happens!" moments. The screen time they had in Avengers was mostly her being completely and utterly terrified. I mean, if we had gotten to see the build up and the lullaby training it would have been different. But all we have is her cowering in fear of him and him still in love with Betty Ross. (sorry about the rant!)
I agree on the Hulk/Widow romance. I hated it so much! Not even that it was just that pairing, but how badly it was done. Like, Scarjo and Rufflo have very little to no chemistry. It was all so forced. But I loved Hawkeye's farm.
@peahyr lol fair enough it was not my favorite moment either. Weirdly I kind of like the Coulson is alive twist though I don't think it was played out very well
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