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You'd be rich either way.

The nice thing about Vingle is that a lot of us are multifans: We pretty much love everything here. But if you had to choose between running only one of the two biggest comic book companies: Which would you pick? You'd have full control over the comics, films, and tv shows. Just remember: With great power comes great responsibility.
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Awesomeness I'm on the right track then
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@JabirAli what would you do first?
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I like Marvel more, but I would want to run DC. Just the comics side. Besides Batman, the Batman titles and Superman, the New 52 has mostly been garbage. The reboot was a mistake. And now there's talks of another reboot of sorts to bring the titles more in line with the upcoming movies. It's just a mess.
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Dc, I actually wanna write for DC one day.
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