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How well do you know your favorite characters?

Last week we did Hawkeye and Constantine, and despite their different accents, crankiness is the same in any language! Should have guessed. This week, each of the following quotes is from either Harley Quinn or Deadpool. Let's see how well you know your comic book trivia!

Click the arrow on the right side of the image to find out if you guessed correctly!

Apologies to the French.
Funny or sexy- that's for YOU to decide America!
I learned that lesson the adventurous way.
I ruined the last one and I am not sorry.
Not to be confused with the time that things went ka-boom.
The struggle is real.
Or the end of a terrible frenemy situation. Your pick.
Only thing we're crazy about here is proper spelling.

Let me know how you did!

I was surprised by how much these two have in common. I might... I might ship it now.
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@shannonI5 hmmm, i've never written a deadpool fan fic, but I have written harley... hmmm... maybe... i'll write this. thoughts?
@Krystalstar22 I like it. Wade's a hero that goes off the deep end, she's a villain that tries to be good and frequently misses the mark. I feel like they'd go on some wild adventures together. Plus people always call Deadpool crazy and Harley would probably know how that feels
got one wrong
@shannonI5 there is so much yes ti that. I really need to re read my pool and batty comics. xD
@kneelb4zod woo not bad :D