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OMG TWO DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! IM SO EXCITED!! Anyway I hope you guys enjoy!!!!

Kyungsoo stares at your sleeping face with a smile. He wondered how anyone could be so beautiful in their sleep. He leans forward and places a kiss on your nose. You stir in your sleep but don’t wake up. Kyungsoo smiles and leans back. He traces your face with his finger lost in your beauty. His finger stops at your lips. He blushes to himself and retreats his finger. “Aigoo…so pretty.” He whispers to himself. “It should be a crime to look so pretty.” He runs his hand through your hair softly. “Right...I should make breakfast.” He gets out of your bed not waking you. Kyungsoo heads to the kitchen piecing together the perfect meal for you in his mind. It only takes him a minute before he already has all the ingredients out ready to cook. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work. The breakfast is steaming hot and cooked in less than thirty minutes. Kyungsoo looks at the breakfast nervously. “I hope she likes it.” He jumps a little but then calms down when he feels your hands circle around his waist. “Ahhhh…so you’re finally awake love.” He turns around and smiles. “Mmhhmm…” you say tiredly as you hug him tighter not wanting to let go. “Aiish you cutie… Come on. I made you breakfast.” Kyungsoo leads you to the table where the food is set up. He sits down first and looks at you patting his lap. “Take a seat love.” He gives you a sly smirk. You hit him on the shoulder. “Yah it’s too early for you to be thinking like that.” He laughs as you place yourself on his lap. You shuffle around trying to get comfortable. He lays his head back and grabs your waist.
“P-please stop moving before this gets really dirty.” He pleads in a surprisingly deep voice that stops you. “I’m trying my hardest you know.” “Yah!! You’re the one who wanted me to sit on your lap. It’s not my fault-” Your voice stops when you feel his hard member rub against you. You can’t help but grind back into it as you both let out a moan. “Aiish you’re making this really hard. I just wanted to cook you breakfast love.” Kyungsoo pants. “Let’s just enjoy breakfast today okay?” You smile at him. “Fine with me.” You took your chopsticks and started eating. It was delicious!! Your boyfriend just stared at you watching you eat. “So cute…” he says while hugging you from behind. You grab some food and feed it to him. “ should have some too.” He opens his mouth willingly and swallows the food. He makes a face of pleasure. “Mmmm…I’ve outdid myself once again. I’m just too good.” You roll your eyes as he laughs at you. He leans forward and kisses you on the lip sweetly. “I love you. Now can we finish what we started?” You smile at him as you grind back into him. “I thought you would never ask.” He picks you up from his lap and carries you into the bedroom.

Sorry for this being kinda short. I tried to make it cute though lol. Vote for whoever you want to see next!!!

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lol that was fluff with a smidge of smuttiness you trickster! I VOTE LAY NEXT!
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😍😍 you should do lay next!!😁
that was so cute. I wish it went further :(
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