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a peaceful and remote island that floats in the air above, powered by the magic of the master emerald.
this peaceful island, though it was said to ba a gift from the gods, has faced many great evils during the past few years.
and it's janitor who guards the master emerald through rain sleet and snow, day in and day out, is knuckles the echidna. he's a tough son of a bitch who gets hot headed some times, but he has been givin this duty by his ansestors. for only his kind is the only voice the master emerald listens to. This island is where the plottakes place of Shadow the hedgehog: The Rebirth Of Doomsday.
2 days from present, shadow leads a group of individuals through the jungle in order to find there friends laxus and gildarts, from fairy tail
on Thursday Dec. 24. shadow starts setting up for the first party he has ever had.
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Its been to long that ive been on here
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How are u
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I'm good.
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Its dead here
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