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So my phone broke a few weeks ago and I went to go get it fixed. I deleted all of my bts photos so I could have more room on it (😭😭😭 it was heartbreaking)

I get it back like 2 hours later and it turns out I DIDNT HAVE TO FREAKING DELETE THE PICTURES

All of my other pictures were there and unharmed but I was so pissed at myself for deleting the 400+ picture of my oppa's 😭😭😭😭😭 so I won't be able to continue my "I'm running out of room" series anymore. I'll find something else to do. BTS FIGHTING ❀️❀️
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And...I'm still shorter than Jimin....well, at least if I hug Kookie, my face will be in his chest........//fangirl feels explode//