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Astronauts sent a seasons greeting back to planet earth from 100- 400 km above the earth.
Astronaut Maj Peake, is filmed speaking alongside his fellow astronauts Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra sending their love.
"Christmas is traditionally a time for friends and families to get together and although we can’t be with our friends and families this year, we’ll be orbiting the Earth 16 times on Christmas Day and sending all our good wishes to everybody back down on our beautiful planet Earth.”
You can check out their satellite position here:
I can say I've been some cool places for Christmas, but never as cool as space.
Space nerds, check it out.

Where are you celebrating the Holidays this year?

That's awesome! And I'm celebrating Christmas at my grandmother's house. Usually all of my family would congregate here with us but they couldn't make it this year. So it's just me and her Christmas-ing it up lol
@VeronicaArtino in my part of Maryland it has rained for at least 4 days. We had a flash flood warning the other day. It's pouring now and will continue through Sunday. Oh and it feels like Summer. If this rain had been snow, we would be in a blizzard. @nicolejb the people I love are right here. I'm happy.
I would love to be on the space station. I am so jealous. I am at home in Florida where it is hot like hades at 88°F.
Me too @EasternShell as awesome as it is to be orbiting earth, can you imagine being that far away from family? Wow.
@nicolejb it's all about the altitude. :) I'm high altitude in the mountains. We live on a mountain that has a ski resort at the top of it. My studio is in the town at the bottom and our home is midway up. We spent most of the holiday skiing and enjoying the weather. Other than the winter, when everyone comes up from LA, it's nice and quiet, just the way I like it, but still close to the city.
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