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I want to ask the ladies of Vingle some questions. Especially the ladies of Love & Relationship.
Under what circumstance would you SAY NO to a guy that proposed to you with this Chopard diamond ring? I know that diamonds and jewels and money...might not be 'everything,' but this piece of art, on your finger, has to be hard to say no to, right?
Am I crazy? Shallow? Vein? Missing the mark? Other?
Here's another question: What is your ideal engagement ring? Heirloom? New? Vintage?
And one last question, If you loved your fiance, but hated the ring, would you change it or tell him or something?!?!?
I am really REALLY interested in your responses. Guys are allowed to chime in too. :) And for those looking for engagement ring inspiration, click here!
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thanks! Have you seen my collection of engagement rings @InPlainSight? Check these out!
I really don't care much about the ring, what I care the most is the way he would propose to me, any detail of that would be enough for me to know how much he cares,and to be honest I can't think of any reason for me to say no, unless I don't feel the same way about him or the proposal. BTW love your ring! :) Blessings.
if I love him he can propose with any type of ring he wants it is the way he proposes that matters because it shows how much he loves me.
It's not the ring that matters to me, it's the person. If it's the right guy with the right meaning behind the ring I'd love it no matter what. But if I had a choice of ring, I'd go with a simple vintage ring, maybe if it was my fiance's great grandmother's or something meaningful like that!!!
thanks for the great feedback @Luzzy @michelleholly and @morghanporter 馃槉馃槉馃槉 @MorghanPorter I am glad to see the value of the person rather than the ring. no beautiful ring can trump true love. ever.