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This week at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California something really adorable happen. There was an unexpected birth of a brand new wild sea otter pup!
And the internet (and I am) freaking out over it's cuteness.
The little baby otter isn't swimming yet, but his mother is feeding and grooming him.
Fun Fact: Baby otters when they are born need to be fluffed so their fur is sea-ready and they can start learning how to swim.
Otters are one of my favorite animals and this is just so dang cute. It's Otterly Adorable!
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@nicolejb they're my favorite too
so you know that otters hold hands when they swim then? @BloodStrider
@nicolejb yes and it's the cutest thing!!
I melted inside when I saw the video of it XD and one time I saw an otter at the zoo just flipping all over the place and it was the silliest thing!
This is just too cute! 😍 💖