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So, it's that time of year. When the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, there's food on the table, presents under the tree. If you're lucky, the family is together and life seems just fine.
Though I'm away from my family this year, I'm still holding on to some of that illusive Christmas cheer, in an attempt to provide myself with some much needed happiness.
My pathway to all emotion comes with music. And Christmas time is full of songs that get people in the festive mood.
I wanted to start a tag with some of my friends in the Music, Musicians and Alternative Rock communities, just to get a little bit of cheer going.
So I thought we'd share a few of our favorite Christmas tunes! Whether your taste is classic or modern, this can be a bit of an exchange. Update your playlist and spread some cheer. Here's the "Jingle Bells" Tag!

What's your favorite traditional Christmas Song?

White Christmas, the old school Bing Crosby version is just, so charming and pure. You can feel the sentiment in it. It's kind of like this beautiful, idyllic sound. It makes me cry when I listen to it. Nobody can do Christmas songs like Bing.
There's just no comparison.

What Christmas tune gets on your nerves?

I absolutely love Paul McCartney, but "Wonderful Christmas Time" hurts my soul when I hear it. It always reminds me of folding shirts, because I used to work in retail around the holidays when I was in college. Not a fun time.
To this day a lot of my friends send me that song, because they know how much it bothers me!

What's your favorite modern Christmas song?

I have to hand it to one of my favorite bands, The Killers. They actually come out with a new, original Christmas song every single year. I actually wrote a post about all of them if you want to check it out.
But my favorite, by far, was 2007's "Don't Shoot Me Santa". I actually downloaded it when iTunes was doing those free sort of...'sneak peak' tracks. And I fell in love. It's just this kind of off-kilter, quirky song about Santa taking Brandon Flowers hostage because he was naughty. It's got this, cinematic, desert vibe. Totally unlike most Christmas songs. It's kind of awesome.

If you could record your own version of any Christmas song, which one would you cover?

Hmm, this is kind of a hard question: but I'd love to do a version of "Boots" by The Killers. It's another one of their Christmas songs. It's very sentimental. I'm really feeling that one this year, because I'm away from my family in California. The song centers on the idea that when we're young, we kind of don't appreciate the white Christmases. My family's in Ohio and they always found a way to make Christmas nice for us kids no matter what our financial or time constraints were.
"I can see my mother in the kitchen, my father on the floor watching television, family all together, presents piled high, frost on all the windows, what a wonderful night."
It's kind of like Christmas doesn't exist here because the weather is a little more mild, kind of cold and not snowing at all. Things seem a little dark in this song, like something's wrong, but you can't really figure it out. It's just very reminiscent of those innocent moments we experience as kids. And it's nice to look back, and have music as that guide.
I look forward to your responses and encourage you to tag your friends! Let's spread some musical cheer to those who don't necessarily have it, and remember to love one another, be kind and have a great holiday and New Year!
Yep Yep! Looking forward to your post @felicityautumn for a time, it made me sick to my stomach. I just hate it. I'm not sure why hahahahahah
Dude! My dad HATES Wonderful Christmas Time too! Whenever it comes on, he covers his ears and shouts like a little kid! Thank you so much for tagging me in this!
Love Bing. He's a classic. The song All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby and Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.
jcp I need not say more@tessstevens