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Noel no Yoru (ノエルの夜 - AKB48) Cover By Juu'

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Ouh yeaaah c'est *bientôt* Noel!!
J'ai passé une merveilleuse année en votre compagnie!
J'ai été diplômée, j'ai pu voyager seule pour la première fois. J'ai trouvé un deuxième taf après avoir été diplômée, j'ai enfin pu vous dire que je partais à LONDRES!
Je vous suis vraiment reconnaissante!

Have Nice Life ~
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5 Best Alternative to Clubhouse For Android That Will Blow Your Mind
The immense success of Clubhouse has taken the tech world by storm. Drop-in audio chat app launched in April 2020 sets the highest threshold in early 2021 by 3.5 million global downloads to 8.1 million from 1st February to 16th February 2021. Famous personalities like Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Mark Zuckerberg have joined the platform. It is also one of the main reasons for a massive increment of users. The Clubhouse is an app that provides functionality to connect people from any part of the world through audio chat. All audio conversations are public, and everyone is allowed to drop in and hear the conversation. To Build an App Like Clubhouse In front of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, introducing a new chat format is risky. But Clubhouse has set a new dimension of social media as well. Although it had 8 million downloads worldwide in early 2021, none of these is on Android; instead, it is based on iOS. Due to celebrity appearances and the Covid pandemic, the app has gained massive success, but as per the reports, in late February and early March, the user base declined almost 21%. It happened when Clubhouse released its initial rollout. During its initial release, the app was only accessible by invite only function. After facing app download fluctuations, Clubhouse launched its android version worldwide on 9th May 2021. The Clubhouse has put several features like Audio Rooms, Events, Backchannel, Clubhouse Payments, and Creator first to be in trend. Users like these unique approaches to social media and are looking for more apps like Clubhouse. Find yourself downloading the best alternatives to clubhouse for Android. Here are the top 5 best alternative apps that will blow your mind, 5 Best Alternative to Clubhouse for Android 1) Riffr The Clubhouse is known as a micro-podcasting platform as well. In this segment, Riffr is the best for the people who are interested in “micro-podcasting.” Launched on 5th March 2019, Riffr has been performing well for the past few months. Like Clubhouse, your audio conversations are public in Riffr also. It allows users to post, record, upload, and listen to high-quality content podcasts of their choice and subject. Riffr is not precisely similar to Clubhouse, but it is one of the Best alternatives to Clubhouse for Android, particularly the micro-podcasting section. 2) Leher The Indian version of the Clubhouse app, Leher, is an audio-video platform launched in August 2018 where users can listen and join essential discussions. The app came into the limelight after the massive success of the Clubhouse app. Although Clubhouse only has an audio chat option, While Leher provides audio and video rooms for conversations. Available on Android and iOS, Leher is also a good choice as an Indian alternative to Clubhouse. 3) Telegram Voice Chat 2.0 Telegram also joined the new social media dimension trend started by Clubhouse, launched the feature in December 2020. It allows users to create a group before beginning the voice chat. Unfortunately, search for audio discussion is not available, and these features are available within the Telegram app. There is no standalone application available. If you are not going to the Clubhouse yet, then it is a decent option for you. 4) Discord Launched in 2015, Discord is a Clubhouse alternative to share text, voice, and video. Discord provides you with the option of whether you want your voice channel to be private or public, giving you security. In addition, you can easily create a channel and start conversations with your friends. User-friendly UI and easy-to-access features make an excellent alternative for both Android and iOS to Clubhouse. 5) Spoon Spoon is a South Korean digital audio-live streaming service app developed by Spoon Radio inc. You can also start a podcast and music room. It launched in March 2016 and has almost 30 million users, and is still counting. Users can also listen to discussions or live conversations on music, comedy, games, and more. It has received many followers, especially among youngsters, and it is one of the decent alternatives to the Clubhouse for Android. Summing Up So we have discussed the 5 Best alternatives to Clubhouse for Android, If you have a voice chat conversation and if you have to create a podcast! Then you can choose the other options mentioned above that are the best emerging voice chat social media apps. So go ahead, pick an app and start your discussion. I hope this content helps you!
50 questions à poser aux DJ et groupes de mariage
Chaque jour de mariage a sa propre bande-son. De la marche dans l'allée à la première danse , du lancer de bouquet à votre dernier adieu , la musique aide à donner le ton pour toute la journée, c'est pourquoi votre DJ ou groupe a un rôle si important. Pour vous aider à mieux évaluer les candidats, nous avons compilé cette liste principale de questions à poser aux DJ et au groupe de mariage avant de réserver. Plus vous en aurez, mieux vous serez équipé pour prendre la bonne décision et trouver celle qui convient à votre mariage. Les bases Tout d'abord, vous devez comprendre les bases... par exemple, le DJ ou le groupe est-il même disponible à la date souhaitée ? Les réponses aux questions suivantes vous aideront à avoir une idée de l'expérience des candidats. Ma date de mariage est-elle disponible ? Depuis combien de temps faites-vous cela professionnellement ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : il y a évidemment une différence entre les concerts bénévoles et les performances légitimes et rémunérées. Assurez-vous que vos candidats sont chevronnés afin qu'il n'y ait pas de hoquet le jour le plus important de votre vie. Combien de mariages avez-vous joué ? Depuis combien de temps jouez-vous ensemble (si vous interviewez un groupe) ? Combien de mariages faites-vous en moyenne un week-end ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : si le groupe ou le DJ joue 24 heures sur 24 tout le week-end, leur performance peut en souffrir. S'ils fonctionnent à vide, vous voudrez peut-être repenser à les réserver. Jouez-vous à plus d'un événement par jour ? Serez-vous le DJ/chef d'orchestre jouant personnellement à notre mariage ? A quels membres du groupe doit-on s'attendre ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : Les groupes ont généralement une liste d'interprètes et peuvent alterner ceux qui jouent en fonction de leur disponibilité. Avez-vous organisé des événements dans ma salle de mariage? Qu'est-ce qui vous distingue de vos concurrents ? Pouvez-vous décrire votre style ? Y a-t-il d'autres services que vous proposez, comme la conception d'éclairage ou une location de photobooth Pouvez-vous me fournir des couples récents que je peux contacter pour des références? La musique Vous connaissez probablement déjà un peu l'alliance ou le DJ pour mariage puisque vous étiez suffisamment intéressé pour les interviewer. Apprenez-en plus sur eux et leur style pour qu'il n'y ait pas de surprises le jour J. Avez-vous un CD de votre musique ou une vidéo d'un mariage précédent où vous avez joué ? Pouvez-vous m'aider à choisir la musique de ma danse de procession , de récession , père-fille , etc.? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : Si vous avez du mal à choisir la musique pour une première chanson de danse ou une danse père-fille, etc., un DJ ou une alliance a tendance à savoir une chose ou deux sur le choix de la bonne musique mastering professionnel. Ils peuvent certainement être une ressource utile. Quelle est l'étendue de votre bibliothèque musicale ou de votre liste de chansons ? Quels genres pouvez-vous couvrir ? Avez-vous une liste de chansons de mariage que vous jouez ou interprétez pour les mariages ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : demandez-leur à l'avance s'ils ont une liste de chansons qu'ils recommandent de jouer tout au long du mariage. S'ils vous laissent cette liste, assurez-vous de leur fournir les chansons que vous souhaitez écouter sur la piste de danse avant le début de votre mariage. Comment tenez-vous à jour votre collection musicale ? Si le DJ ou l'un des membres du groupe programmé pour mon événement est incapable de se produire pour une raison quelconque, avez-vous un remplaçant prêt à partir ? Faites-vous des pauses ? Combien et quand ? Quelle musique sera fournie pendant les pauses ? Combien de membres du groupe se produiront ce jour-là ? Agissez-vous en tant que maître de cérémonie et faites-vous toutes les annonces ? Comment définiriez-vous votre style de maître de cérémonie ? Que faites-vous pour motiver la foule si personne ne danse ? Acceptez-vous les demandes de nos clients ? Pouvons-nous soumettre une liste « Ne pas jouer » ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : vous ne savez jamais ce que vos invités vont finir par demander. Prix et paiement Le prix est l'un des facteurs les plus importants dans le choix du DJ ou du groupe de mariage à choisir, mais ce n'est pas aussi simple que de demander un prix. Vous devez savoir exactement ce que ce prix comprend. Vous ne voulez certainement pas découvrir de frais surprise après avoir signé un contrat. Quel est votre taux ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : Lorsque vous parlez du taux, assurez-vous de savoir si le taux change en fonction du jour (ou même de l'heure) et exactement combien d'heures ce taux vous rapporte. Si le tarif est approximatif (même s'il dépasse le budget), tant mieux. S'il s'avère que c'est le DJ ou l'orchestre de mariage, vous pourrez peut-être négocier une remise ou augmenter votre budget pour pouvoir utiliser ce DJ ou cet orchestre. Ce tarif comprend-il l'installation et la répartition entre les lieux de la cérémonie et de la réception ? Qu'est-ce qui, le cas échéant, n'est pas inclus ? Combien factureriez-vous pour les heures supplémentaires ? Y a-t-il des frais supplémentaires que je ne prends pas en compte, comme des frais de déplacement ou des frais pour des demandes musicales spéciales ? Quand recevrai-je un contrat écrit ? Quel est le montant d'acompte dont vous avez besoin et quand est-il dû ? Proposez-vous un plan de paiement ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : voyez si vous pouvez les payer avant (ou après) le mariage. Essayer de payer les vendeurs de mariage le jour de votre mariage est un chaos – si vous pouvez les payer à l'avance, c'est préférable. Quelle est votre politique de remboursement/annulation ? Combien de temps à l'avance dois-je vous réserver pour mon mariage ? De quelles informations avez-vous besoin de moi avant le jour du mariage ? Êtes-vous assuré? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : Idéalement, votre DJ ou groupe de mariage aura une assurance responsabilité civile. Elle couvre tous les dommages pouvant survenir aux artistes eux-mêmes et au matériel. Logistique Passons maintenant aux détails moins excitants mais toujours critiques, comme l'alimentation électrique et la planification. Pouvez-vous fournir des micros sans fil pour la cérémonie de mariage ? L'un de vos équipements nécessite-t-il des prises électriques spéciales dont je dois informer mon site de mariage ? Apportez-vous du matériel de secours ? De quel type d'espace ou de scène avez-vous besoin pour le DJ ou le groupe ? Si mon site ne fournit pas ce dont vous avez besoin, prendrez-vous les dispositions nécessaires pour la scène ou suis-je responsable de la location ? Installez-vous une enseigne ou une bannière avec votre équipement? De combien de temps aurez-vous besoin pour l'installation, le soundcheck et le démontage le jour de l'événement ? A quelle heure arriverez-vous sur le site et quand partirez-vous ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : vous voulez obtenir une heure d'arrivée confirmée de leur part avant votre mariage, et cela devrait être suffisamment tôt pour que les artistes aient suffisamment de temps pour s'installer. Aussi, découvrez quand ils prévoient de partir. Si vous voulez qu'ils restent pour l' after , négociez-le dans votre contrat avant la nuit. On se reverra avant le mariage ? Quelle est notre date limite pour soumettre nos demandes de musique et les détails de l'événement ? Que porterez-vous à notre mariage? Avez-vous (et chaque membre du groupe, si vous réservez un groupe) besoin d'un repas ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : C'est quelque chose que vous devez ajouter à votre budget. Cela peut représenter un coût important, surtout si vous réservez un groupe de dix musiciens. Quelle est votre politique en matière d'alcool ou de tabac pendant le mariage ? Y a-t-il quelque chose que nous devrions savoir sur vos services dont nous n'avons pas parlé ? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : à ce stade, vous avez probablement tout couvert, mais cela ne fait jamais de mal de s'en assurer. Couvrez toutes vos bases et voyez s'il y a quelque chose qui a été omis du point de vue du DJ ou du groupe de mariage. Avez-vous des questions pour nous? Pourquoi vous devez savoir ceci : Maintenant que vous savez tout ce que vous vouliez savoir, découvrez s'il y a des informations supplémentaires dont le DJ ou le groupe de mariage a besoin. Rendez vous sur notre site d'organisation d'evenement dj pour mariage pour avoir un devis gratuit conceranant la location photobooth en france , jet scene national , blabber box national, machine barbe a papa, machine bulles, machine fumee lourde, eclairage led, dj animateur soiree lorraine
일본의 새 도메인 .Tokyo를 향한 골드러시
일본의 새 도메인 주소인 .Tokyo가 22일 일반인을 대상으로 접수를 시작했습니다. 일본 IT업체인 GMO그룹 산하 GMO 도메인 레지스트리가 운영하는 이 서비스는 2020년 도쿄올림픽을 겨냥하고 있습니다. 닷컴(.com)과 닷넷(.net) 같은 글로벌 도메인과 국가명을 활용한 .jp 등의 도메인에 이어, 이제는 도시명이 도메인 주소로 자리 잡을 수 있을 지 주목됩니다. 국제 인터넷주소 관리기구(ICANN)은 2012년부터 새로운 최상위 도메인(탑 레벨 도메인, TLD) 형식을 자유화했고, GMO는 도쿄도를 상징하는 .Tokyo를 비롯해 나고야(.Nagoya), 요코하마(.Yokohama), 오키나와(.Okinawa) 등의 운영 권리를 취득했습니다. 올 4월부터 기업 등 법인 대상으로 도메인 등록을 접수했고, 이날부터는 일반인을 대상으로 한 선착순 접수를 개시했습니다. GMO는 이날부터 인기 걸그룹 AKB48을 기용한 .Tokyo의 TV광고도 시작했습니다. 이용료는 연간 920엔. URL 주소는 영어는 물론 일본어도 가능합니다. 이미 ginza.tokyo나 shibuya.tokyo 등 수요가 높을 것으로 예상되는 주소는 선점된 상태. GMO 측은 “새로운 도메인 보급으로 도쿄 브랜드를 세계에 알리고 싶다”고 밝혔습니다. .Tokyo 주소 등록은 http://www.onamae.com/newgtld/tokyo/ . 해외에서도 이용할 수 있습니다. 도메인 주소 하나가 수십억 원에 거래된 전례를 생각하면 누군가에게는 ‘대박’을 터뜨릴 기회가 될 지도 모릅니다. 저는 이미 주소 몇 개를 사 놨답니다. ㅎㅎ
취한 것 같지만 술은 안 마셨어요 오페로 이가리 메이크업♥
이 사진을 보고 취했나, 착각한다면 그건 술이 아니라 메이크업 덕분! 일본 열도를 뒤흔들고, 이제는 한국에도 상륙한 이 메이크업. 이가리 메이크업, 또는 오페로 메이크업. 오페로는 오(존칭의 뉘앙스)+페로몬 의 줄임말로 페로몬 혹은 색기가 흐르지만 세련된 느낌을 지칭하는 신조어입니다. 이런 오페로의 의미를 담은 오 페로 메이크업(お フェロ メイク)은 오페로가오(おフェロ面)라는 이름으로도 불리는데요. 일본의 메이크업 아티스트 이가리 시노부(イガリ シノブ)가 고안해서 이가리 메이크업이라는 별명으로 많이 알려져 있습니다. :) 갸루 메이크업하면 떠오르는 아이라이너, 아이섀도우는 최소화하고 아이 메이크업은 기껏해야 마스카라와 아이브로우 정도. 블러셔와 입술에 힘을 준 메이크업이라고 할 수 있지요! 어휴.. 제 취향...♡ 보통 블러셔는 관자놀이, 볼따구, 애플존 등에 바르지만 오페로/이가리 메이크업은 블러셔를 두 눈의 바로 아랫 부분에 발라 술에 취한 듯, 술이 덜 깬 듯 연출하는 건데요 :) 숙취가 덜 깬 느낌의 얼굴을 상상해보세요. 바로 그런 약간 발그레~한 느낌이라고 할까요? 부끄부끄 볼에 힘을 준 사랑스러운 블러셔 메이크업이기에 소녀스러운 분위기를 연출하기 쉽고 부끄러움을 타는 듯, 설레이는 듯 말갛게 물든 사랑스러움이 큰 매력이라고! 이 메이크업의 핵심 스킬은 이것이랍니다. #1. 블러셔는 눈 바로 아래에 발라주세요! 눈 아래부터 웃을때 나오는 광대의 꼭지점 부분까지 가로 방향으로 블러셔를 발라 줍니다. #2. 핑크, 오렌지, 코랄 등 붉고 밝은 색을 위주로 채도가 선명한 컬러를 중심으로 바르는 것이 좋다고 해요. 숙취의 느낌을 주기 위해서 최적의 컬러라고 생각합니다! #3. 피부 표현은 맑고 깨끗한 느낌을 살려줄 것 #4. 눈화장은 화려하기보다는 간결하게. 블러셔에 힘을 주는 만큼 자연스러운 아이 메이크업을 해서 균형을 맞춰주세요. 최대한 깔끔하면서 자연스러운 것이 좋겠지요- #5. 립 컬러는 블러셔와 같은 색상으로 고릅니다. 대부분 누드톤이나 옅은 핑크톤의 립스틱으로, 이왕이면 블러셔와 비슷한 컬러로 골라주는 것이 포인트라고 해요. 일본의 아이돌그룹 AKB48의 멤버 시마자키 하루카는 이 메이크업이 유행할 수 있었던 계기를 제공하기도 했고, 이 메이크업 열풍 덕분에 굉장히 흥했다고 합니다. 많은 한국의 뷰티 유투버들과 블로거들이 직접 메이크업을 해보고 따라하는 영상을 올리면서 한국에서도 소소하게나마 인기를 얻고 있어요. 볼에 힘을 준 메이크업이라서 얼굴이 화사하면서도 작아보이는 효과가 있다는 게 장점. 빙글러님들은 이 메이크업, 어떻게 생각하시나요? 혹시 도전해 볼 생각 없으신가요? 두근두근 (*'0')/
Why Don't Idol Groups Work In America?
In Japan and Korea, idols are a huge deal. The fandoms surrounding idols and idol groups are massive, with a ton of merch, lingo, events, etc surrounding the entertainers. So why isn't that happening in America? The UK tried it out with One Direction and we have a few girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, but for the most part the classic pop group ensemble faded away in the early 2000s. Here are a few reasons why it might not work: I'm not saying either opinion is correct - just stating how the general public views celebrities in America vs Korea/Japan. I'm not an expert on either so please share your opinions as well! 1. The Concept of Being An Idol Sure, celebrities in the US know that they are role models, but do they really take this as their job?! In Japan and Korea, a single slip up can mean public humiliation (such as when an AKB48 member had a boyfriend - she had to shave her head as an apology) while in America celebrities insist on their personal rights to do whatever they want. In their opinion, just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you aren't allowed a personal life. They should be able to be in the lime light but also have a lot of personal life that shouldn't be judged by the public, In Japan/Korea, every aspect of an entertainers life is analyzed and people know that is just part of the job. You must be a model citizen at all times and any bad behaviour (whether its on or off camera) is bad for your company, your career, and your fans. 2. Company Loyalty In America, we know the big companies like Warner, Sony, etc, but we rarely pay attention to what label each artist is on. And even if they're on the same label they don't really work together so its hard for fans to be loyal to one company. The closest I think we can get to that is waaay back with Motown Records or more recently the bands that came out on Fueled By Ramen. Smaller hip hop labels still keep this group style too! We could actually see the connection the artists had on those labels and could support the label as well as the artists. Now in Korea, we all know that companies are a big deal. YG Family, JYP, Cube, SM, etc. They do things together like concerts, Christmas songs, etc. We are able to anticipate the company's new project or collaboration. It's easier for the fans to get hyped over multiple groups at once. 3. Pre-Packaged In America, bands are usually put together by the band members. Whether they start in a garage or they put up flyers to find members, it is the band that forms first, then the label that signs them. In Korea and Japan however, we have a TON of trainees all hoping to be perfectly placed in a group. Think of the show Produce! Perfect example of prepackaging :) One Direction is an example of that happening where the boys were somewhat put together by a label, but musical and personality differences got in the way :/ 4. Training Idols train a LOT. Sure, in America entertainers practice, train, get vocal lessons, learn new instruments, get prepped for interviews etc but they are not forced to practice for 12 hours a day. Living in dorms without cell phones or internet, being forced to learn languages, dances, public speaking, etc - its totally normal in the idol world. Because of this, idols should be pretty prepared for anything. I'm not so sure American entertainers would be up for this style of training. Can you think of other reasons why the "idol" style of the music industry doesn't work in America?
Santa Sushi Is A Thing.
So every Christmas, there's the eggnog, the gingerbread, the candy canes, and even that generic variety tin of three different popcorns, but maybe this 'Santa sushi' roll will become a new holiday staple food. (Okay, maybe not because I think the country's still polarized when it comes to raw seafood, but hey, guys! Check this out!) The good YouTubers of How To Make Sushi created a really awesome tutorial of how to make your own Santa sushi rolls at home. And while it's definitely too advanced for a beginner chef like me, it still doesn't stop me from watching the video the whole way through. For those of you who don't feel like watching a 10 minute video of some dude carving fish, I gifed up my favorite parts. Let's watch together, shall we? First, the sushi chef shaves the salmon down to make a perfectly red Santa hat. Boom. Add crab stick and a carrot and the hat is complete. Then, the beard is thrown together with fluffy sushi rice and some seaweed to create Santa's trademark jolly smile. Raspberry juice-stained rice is used to add color to his skin. (Am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit more like Kraang from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' right now?) Put it all together, and what do you get? Et voila! The Santa sushi roll is complete! So what do you guys think? Is this not the coolest thing ever? Am I the only one excited about this? Would you eat Santa's face too? Let me know I'm not the only easily amused one around here, okay?
The Christmas Latte to Rule Them All
I've talked about this cafe before, and I'll talk about it again. All That Sweets is hands down my favorite dessert cafe on Earth. Watch my video review here or read below^^ Today I went alone so I passed on a slice of the strawberry shortcake but look how adorable is it! Their cakes are always light and creamy, though the flavors change daily! I've seen chocolate, vanilla, and even kiwi cakes. Instead I opted for one of their amazing macarons. Because I came late in the day, my only option was the chocolate raspberry "merry xmas" heart macaron, but I probably would have chosen that anyway. These flavors also vary with the season but every single one I've ever tried has been absolutely delicious. But of course, the star of the show is my Christmas Tree Latte <3 Their lattes are amazingly intricate, and they have a dozen of them on the menu at all times. The homemade (delicious) whipped cream is covered in melted chocolate, sprinkles, and meringue cookies. I seriously thought I hated meringue until I tried these babies. Now I can't get enough! They sell these for the month of December, and then usually move on to make snowflake or other winter themed lattes. All year 'round they offer rose, raincloud, and even coral styled lattes! This year they also introduced a gingerbread man latte that I was tempted to get, but I had to stick to my traditional tree :) You can also find me here: Tumblr Instagram Twitter Facebook SnapChat: cari.cakez