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Sometimes you find an exceptional Wade ♥ that you happen to know. He took the mutation power road. I'm going to refer to him as S pool. (More like Wade you need to borrow his face ) Anyway all jokes and crass behavior aside. (yup @shannonl5 I am running with crass, it works perfectly for this Merc with a Mouth) I so take talent very serious, across all Fandoms, especially at my home with the Mercs with mouths. S pool flaunted his photo shop skills and created himself in to the character I love, Senior Wade Wilson ♥ the forth wall breaking, break dancer. Talent is really beautiful and I appreciate it all. So my fellow Mercs with mouths I would like to present S pool.
Now I want to be transformed! I might have to bug S pool about it. Beautiful work my friend beautiful work.
Do not forget about the Deadpool holiday story still going on. And please let me know if your handle can be included. I respect privacy. Contributions to the Mercs with mouths remember tag @lavonyork also I'm interested in anything anti hero or Villian in Marvel. So you created it the Mercs will accepted it. A new collection dedicated to the darker side of Marvel will be created. I will start with Deadpool of course lol. He is not just silly, he has plenty of questionable things he has done that makes his place soild as a Anti Hero that freelances. Just like I say I freelance on other sites and Fandoms . If you want to be tagged In the Mercs with mouths drop a comment and follow "deadpool makes me laugh" collection as well.
"I'm you're friendly neighborhood Merc " Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous ♥
Wow he looks awesome and I love that Cartoon<3 The Deadpool vs Spiderman battle was epic
😂😂😂😂😂 oh Deadpool.
Very nice work indeed!!
Because everyone in that room but spider man knew what Deadpool was about 😂😂 and Spider-Man found out later that he is nuts and kills 😂😂 lol I watched the episode, my next post
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