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Many people don't know about Curling as a Sport. Well, maybe not *many* people, but a good many of my immediate peers don't recognize the sport.
Weirdly, I was recently playing a big game of charades with coworkers, and it just so happened that I had to guess curling from my coworker's rendition of it.
People were a little surprised as to why I was able to pick up on what he was doing (the popular guess for his demonstration was bowling). People were surprised I even knew about curling. Which is understandable. It's not exactly a big ticket sport in America.
And really, I wouldn't know anything about it, except for the fact that the beautiful and talented Anna Sloan.
Like most people, I watch the Olympics when they're on. Olympic season gets a lot of people interested, even for the winter sports, which has to have less viewership than the summer sports. (I don't know if they do in actuality, I'm only assuming.)
So anyway, I watched the 2014 winter Olympics, not really as an active viewer but more as background noise while I did other stuff like cook or play video games.
Then I saw the United Kingdom's curling team. Specifically, I saw Anna Sloan, the most beautiful woman I've seen competing in the Olympics.
Sloan is a 24-year-old Scottish curler who's won Junior World Championships in the sport, playing for Eve Muirhead in the European Championships.
In the 2014 Winter Olympics, she helped bring the team to a bronze medal victory. Not the most stellar, but bronze is better than no medal at all.
So, really, I know nothing about curling. But I do know about beautiful people, and Sloan is exactly that. She's a beautiful person (and close in age to me!) and a talented athlete and deserves recognition.
Even if she plays a sport that most people only care about for a little while every four years.
I do love curling, and I love this card. It's probably one of my favorite sports to watch because it's so funny and absurd.
@CreeTheOtaku it's a weirdly graceful event
I want to try it but I love watching it on the Olympics
I love curling
I only know about curling from watching The Wild.
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