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McDonalds has done a massive menu overhaul in 2015.
First they made breakfast available anytime during the day. They followed that up by axing the dollar menu. Today the world famous fast-food chain has added a new item to its menu: Macaroni & Cheese.
Brand Eating reports that the fast food giant is testing to see if it can make McDonald’s and cheese a winning combination in Cleveland.
Customers can purchase the macaroni and cheese offering for $1.75 a la carte or they can have it anchor their Happy Meal.

Is quality Mac & Cheese an item that could could push McDonalds back to the top of the fast-food world?

Well little known fact Boston Market is owned by McDonald's so if the McDonald's put Mac and cheese on the menu I hope it tastes like Boston Markets.
As a worker at mcd's im scared for how busier it will be if mac and cheese becomes a thing. Please save me.
That's super interesting @VeronicaArtino, I had no idea!! I agree that that mac and cheese is so good :) now if only McD's could start offering the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top >:)
Looks like they somehow had the same idea ;)
Wow, thanks for that fact @VeronicaArtino! I feel like the could do a spin off that chain's mac and cheese and it would be really good! :D
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