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Amazon messed up and sent me 2 volumes of fairy tail vol 51 so I'm giving one away for Xmas!! """Whoever can guess the best song from the FAIRY TAIL ANIME!!! What my favorite song is.""" No hints plus I want to see how many NAKAMA know the songs from fairy tail since there are so many good ones!! If you get it right you will win this or I should say I'll send it to you bc your an awesome NAKAMA!! Merry Xmas NAKAMA!! Final winner announced!! I ended it tonight due to the song being figured out and I had a lot of fun and hope you all did too!! Feel free to tell me all your favorite Fairy Tail opening and ending songs NAKAMA!!
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All of them! :D
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Openings and Endings!
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@LuffyNewman But you said to guess and tried my best.. But alright. cx I guess I don't pay much attention to what you typed there. xD
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@koifries sorry you did get it right but I was just wanting one answer to be fair otherwise someone coulda listed off every song n technically been right. I'll be doing another very soon and tag you in it and make sure to clarify the rules right away. This one was spur of the moment. Sorry for the confusion NAKAMA:( you did great tho and thansk for participating it was fun and I hope you get your chance next time. It'll prob be bleach or naruto I believe for my next Manga giveaway!!
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best song: sense of wonder
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