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Amazon messed up and sent me 2 volumes of fairy tail vol 51 so I'm giving one away for Xmas!! """Whoever can guess the best song from the FAIRY TAIL ANIME!!! What my favorite song is.""" No hints plus I want to see how many NAKAMA know the songs from fairy tail since there are so many good ones!! If you get it right you will win this or I should say I'll send it to you bc your an awesome NAKAMA!! Merry Xmas NAKAMA!! Final winner announced!! I ended it tonight due to the song being figured out and I had a lot of fun and hope you all did too!! Feel free to tell me all your favorite Fairy Tail opening and ending songs NAKAMA!!
snow fairy @ninjamouse
Alright it's close enough. My favorite song is........ "MASAYUME CHASING" Congrats @NinjaMouse @Gladness You both chose the right song. A couple others did I'll give them honorable mentions. @koifries & @MarthaCastaneda you also said this song but the rule was to Pick one and stick with it. The only problem is that the first was @NinjaMouse although you did say a couple songs at first but stuck with the right one and then @Gladness nailed it right after you so I am sorry @Gladness you did make 1 and only 1 choice but you were just a little late so the winner is @NinjaMouse congrats again. I will have to message you and get your address to send you the Fairy Tail manga vol 51. As for @Gladness I will be doing this every time a new fairy tail manga comes out and I hope you continue to participate as well as the rest of you and win the next volume that gets released!! Sorry if this was confusing or a let down for you NAKAMA I will continue to try and give back to all my loving NAKAMA always and make everyone happy with always anime related cards and fun ones too!! As well as future manga give aways. It might not always be Fairy Tail I might choose Naruto or One Piece or something new for the future giveaways. Thank you everyone for having fun with me and have a great holiday and a MERRY Xmas!! @Gladness if you want to message me about also answering right the first time and only ever giving 1 answer like the rules were, I am sure I can work out something for a you NAKAMA or a heads up for the next giveaway.
@LuffyNewman This was fun! Thank you! And congratulation to NinjaMouse!
Congrats again @NinjaMouse for the right pick as well as letting me know songs you like I hope you listen to Masayume chasing and let me know if you like it a lot or not as much as the others as well. Thanks and hope you enjoy the read when u get it NAKAMA you'll have to let me know what you think of VOL 51 NAKAMA!!
@CaitlinDavis @Gladness @NinjaMouse @koifries @MarthaCastaneda @NinjaMouse @JakeErter all great guesses NAKAMA. As I said the song has been stated. The best Fairy Tail song "in my Opinion" haha so pick one and if your right I'll send you this book. I wish I had double of everything and is send you the complete series so far but unfortunately I don't. I would like to start doing monthly manga give aways though if you guys will get involved with my fun and guessing games and such just as @VinMcCarthy has posted before so I'll see what I can do for all you anime and manga lovers out there. But keep guessing and pick just 1 and I'll announce the winner as soon as the person picks that song specifically or the first person to pick it. If no one picks it I will go with the first person who has said the song so far! So let it be known the song is listed. Just like a quiz at school there is only 1 right answer teehee😜 I hope you all the best though NAKAMA and I will be sure to be doing this more and hopefully once a month to gain more NAKAMA as well as helping spread the manga word and making my NAKAMA happy 😃.. And happy holidays and merry Xmas to you all!!
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