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I am so late doing this but oh well... The picture right there is my dog, Suki!
So that's me! I don't take selfies but when I do their with my friends! The last picture of me was with my older sister YeseniaF. My name is Diana! My friends call me Child Boo Boo. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I am totally dreading going to high school next year. I live in Arizona and I am not saying the city!😁
My dream crush would be Jimin. I mean who doesn't love the jamless Jimin?
My current status is single! I have never dated anyone and I won't till after college. School, family, friends, and K-Pop are my priorities!
I don't have a most romantic memory but I will tell you guys about an awesome memory about my best friends. My old friends had forgotten my birthday last year and I was devastated. This year I have new best friends and they made my birthday the best birthday ever! They made an Oreo cake and got me gifts! I really wanted to cry from my happiness!
My perfect partner They have to make me laugh. They have to be cute. And hopefully they like K-Pop. Their is more to this but I really don't want to think and type much right now!
So that is me! I really don't know who to tag so I'll just tag my older sister! @YeseniaF