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While many people love the acting of Johnny Depp, Forbes Magazine isn't convinced in regards to his acting skills.
According to the magazine. Depp is the most overpaid star in Hollywood.
Here’s the breakdown: According to the magazine, Depp has only returned $1.20 for every $1 he’s paid. Mortdecai, for instance, only made $47 million on a $60 million budget; The Guardian adds that Disney is estimated to have lost nearly $150 million on The Lone Ranger.
Over the past year, Depp has cranked Mortdecai, to work, Transcendence, which followed The Lone Ranger, which followed Dark Shadows. None of those were "hits."

With that being said, would you say that Johnny Depp is overpaid? Is he no longer worth the price of admission?

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Depp is amazing. I don't think he's the problem there. It's just that not every film is gonna be a winner – and when you gamble those big bucks on bloated, half-baked, badly produced sinkers, well, that's not Depp's fault. That's yours. Lol
When it comes to acting ability, Depp definitely outdoes anyone in Hollywood. The amount of roles this guy has under his belt is extensive beyond belief. He might as well be a "chameleon". But when it comes to the movie industry nowadays, "familiarity" (in my opinion) is why people even go anymore. The reasons why are broken up into four areas: 1} Movies on superhero universes (Graphic Novels/Comics) 2} Films retelling books and non-fictional stories (Documentaries) 3} Remakes and/or continuations 4} Renown or acclaimed directors and/or producers. So far, I haven't seen Depp play a surmountable amount of roles in these areas recently and that might be the reason for his lack appeal.....Or it could be that his time of acclaimed might have just passed on and people want someone new to take his place, figuratively speaking. Of course, this is all just speculation.......................extensive speculation.
*lack of appeal* & *acclaimed stardom* in that last bit.....Sorry.
@AlloBaber I agree with you. a lot of people like to blame the actors for the quality of the movies they're in.which is probably why these movies are continuing to be made.
@LiamWilliamson Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger were both remakes, and Mortdecai was based on a book series, so they were all definitely on-trend. Those movies probably wanted to use his star power to try and make those into franchises of their own. They just weren't very good. @ChosenKnight that's a good point, I think a lot of studios misattribute the failure of a movie to things that aren't actually causing audiences to avoid them