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Australian 'Stoner Sloth' Anti-Weed PSA Backfires

Australia created a really interesting anti-weed campaign featuring the character, "Stoner Sloth."

The sloth is depicted in real life (at school, at home) but doing regular activities is really hard for the sloth. As he is really slow at seemingly easy tasks, and it's kinda a bummer.
But the ads backfired.

Because, honestly, the internet is love with sloths. Who doesn't want to be a sloth?

Aussie's took to the internet to talk about the campaign. And here's just some funny things they had to say about the Stoner Sloth.
What makes this worst is the website "" was already taken by a pro-marijuana "cannabis solutions" company based in Colorado, and with the new ad campaign there has been a surge in web traffic to the site.

What are your thoughts on this campaign?

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This should be labled as "how society sees stoners" (And how easily emotionally swayed they think the public is)
2 years ago·Reply
Hahahaha SO ACCURATE. @T0R1L you should title all my cards.
2 years ago·Reply
.........Its biased
2 years ago·Reply
And just flat out wrong. They are trying to say that pot makes you an outcast of society. Smoking pot or doing other drugs is the outcasts way of attempting to feel normal or at least not care about other people's opinions.
2 years ago·Reply
Totally @T0R1L it's totally alienating against people that also might need pot for medical reasons. :(
2 years ago·Reply