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1: Ayumu bleed nose because ayumu favorite famous sing person come here. 2:Ayumu Jealous smile because she notice think You and Nap lover. 3&4: You cry because little sister ayumu dead. 5: You move other town alone. 6&7: You reckless crazy beat people And Laughing. 8: Nao show to him. she want him bite one but he eat all and cry too. 9: he use special abilities went back history 10: He did save her.
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text to me or copy my name on other common show me understand. if u not. my bro will help with me.
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@MattGollotte I'm kinda busy right now, can you have your bro help?
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I would've liked the series to have been longer, Tbh I hate having to find a new anime so fast when there only like 13 episodes long
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