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Seeing this picture made me think of a theory for Fairy Fail's ending. (Don't worry I won't spoil anything here... I can't promise that for the comments. Lol) What if Natsu can't beat Zeref and gives his powers to Lucy to do it?? Thoughts??
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@CherryBlossom1 Me too. Haha
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will Natsu and Lucy could always just, you know... make a baby. And then have the baby fight Zeref when he or she gets older
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Don't get me would I love Lucy but she not good at fighting I gotta say she gotten stronger but not like natsu you know but I would like to see that
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Expanding in this theory... Seeing as Lucy is able to fuse with her spirits power which changes her outfit and whatnot the same logic may be able to apply to Natsus power. Hence the clothes change
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