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Seeing this picture made me think of a theory for Fairy Fail's ending. (Don't worry I won't spoil anything here... I can't promise that for the comments. Lol) What if Natsu can't beat Zeref and gives his powers to Lucy to do it?? Thoughts??
I can't imagine how that would work tbh. I'd much rather just imagine what a grown version of their child might be like
I now kinda want this to happen.
Lucy going goku style would be epic
will Natsu and Lucy could always just, you know... make a baby. And then have the baby fight Zeref when he or she gets older
I bout there's a way he could give his power to her but similar to wat shadowDragongir said wat if she get the position of that old man the king star guy. like not his position but his power or as strong as him? I mean if she is put to her limit she is strong but just a thought how u can understand wat I'm pulling here lol
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