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You wake up and see Jimin by your room."Jimin.." "Y/N I'm sorry" he says "Please just leave. We both walked out on each other so lets be strangers. I don't want anything to do with you anymore" you say carelessly "You don't mean that i know you dont.. please lets start over." He pleads " how do we start over. In case you forgot,I'm pregnant!"You say pushing him out of the room. *Your point of view* I was tempted to get back with him. But go could i? He moved on so quick.. *Jimin's point of view* She doesn't want me anymore. I thought she would give me another chance.. *1 month later* Jimin sees your friend walking on the streets and approaches her "F/ you remember me. I'm Jimin..." "Oh Jimin...Y/ had a miscarriage..I'm sorry." F/N says Tears roll down jimin's eyes as he hears this. *Jimin's POV* My child..Y/N. What have I done? I should've been there for her. I should've worried about her not myself. Y/N...I've done so much bad things to. Jimin 've over and sees you crying on the bed. "Y/N.." he comes to hug you and you don't resist. "Jimin....I lost him..I lost our son...I'm sorry" you say between sobs "Y/N...its okay. As long as you are okay..." Jimin says. You stop your hard sobbing and look at him. "Y/ know I can always make another one for you right"he says smiling. "Jimin..." you say smiling "Lets get back together. I swear this last month I've gone crazy. I don't even go to practice anymore. I think getting kicked out of BigHit is better than living life without you." He says looking down "Okay Jimin but...I m scared. What if I lose another one?" You say worried "Y/N it was because you were stressed and i wasn't here to help you. But I'm here now and we'll get through it together."Jimin says lightly
okay this ending sucks but I didn't have any ideas to and it so...yea