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So, this anime Another is the bloodiest anime i have ever watched. This anime actually got me into gory anime, so im happy that i watched it. It is definitely a enjoyable and mysterious anime. Background: A school has kept a secret for years about a curse on Class 3-3. Years before, when there was an unexpected death in the class, the students are baffled and pretend that the dead student is still present in their classroom. Present day, a new student, Kouichi Sakakibara, joins the class and quickly realizes that a girl, Mei Misaki, is not acknowledged by her classmates. Sakakibara begins to become closer to Misaki, not caring about what his classmates have to say about Mei, and ultimately comes closer to the mystery hidden within Class 3-3.
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wasn't the anime awesome, I mean brutal but still. lol
@SarahRoot definitely but that made it enjoyable for me. the deaths were so outrages and unexpected. i loved it lol
@culversyanne, how bout that ending doe. xD
@SarahRoot dude the whole ending was bloody as hell but again i was intrigued the whole time