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Suga is to adorable with his santa hat
Jhope bothering Suga. Suga: *death glares Jhope*
Rapmon needs to control his hips
Jhope needs to close his legs
Who in their right mind let Jimin play with eye drops
V can't seem to keep hats on his head
Jhope knock rapmon's phone out his hand
Jin is wayyyy to aware of how handsome he is
Once again Jhope..... Please control yourself
To top things off kookie uses Jimin's sock as a microphone
These boys really have to many ways to entertain me like what is wrong with them lol. I love BTS. ARMY for life
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Lol that's what makes them unique. where's Jin???
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@Mightmuffin Thanks for letting me know. How could I ever forget Eomma Jin and our handsome alien V
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no problem. just count to see if it sums up to 7.
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aww my cutie pies having so much fun... thts just like them
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