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A recent survey done at Pew Research Center took a look at what adults think about video games. While Pew asked a whole plethora of questions about video games (if you're interested you should click that link up there), there's one percentage that really stuck out to me.

26% of adults think that video games are a waste of time.

And at first, I was like, "Hey man, what the hell. I love these things and they mean so much to me and come on, you guys!" But after sitting with this little math-factoid in my head for about 45 minutes, I realized that the 26% of adults who believe that video games are a waste of time are most likely, definitely right.
I mean think about it. When's the last time you walked into a public place and started talking about video games and the person you were talking to didn't roll their eyes? I mean, there's a chance they were like "Oh, cool I like games too!" but chances are they weren't.
There's this terrible social stigma around gamers and people who enjoy the hobby and, honestly, there's no one else to blame but the people who play video games. Gamers, myself included, are shitty people. So why would anyone ever take what we do as something worthwhile or valuable?
It's not the same as reading a book. Or watching a movie. Or watching television. Or going outside to ride a bike. Or going to a bar and socializing. It's a solitary hobby that, really, just isolates the people who play from the people who don't play video games.
It's fine if you're one of those people, like myself, who want to try to convince people that games are something worth playing. That they all aren't about shooting stuff. But who wants to talk about that? Not the majority of people who play video games, that's for sure. Most people want to talk about the shooting of guns and jumping over explosions or something. That's fine and great. There's nothing wrong with that.
Maybe, though, there's something wrong with the way we approach video games as something more than just a waste of time. Admitting that they are is the first step we all need to take. Even though I love video games, I love what they've done for me and how they've connected me with family, I'm tired of trying to defend what I like doing as something as more than what people view it.
Before video games, I grew up listening to punk music and skateboarding. And both of those scenes are constantly looked down upon. And my approach as a young rebellious teenager was to just say, "fuck what other people think". People can think what they want. I'm not going to argue with them. Instead I'm going to enjoy what I enjoy and let them waste their breath on something they believe to be a waste of time.
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It's a legit novel that makes sense @alletaire
No. The problem is thinking that games aren't the same as movies and books and other activities. Gaming is a large community and not a solitary hobby. You can claim reading a book is solitary and separates you from people that don't read or at least don't read the same books. Games are not a waste of time for one reason and one reason alone: we, as gamers, give our games and then time spent playing them value. WE decide if it's a waste of time or not. We can share our favorite games, our favorite moments, our favorite accomplishments. We talk to people who share our interests just like everybody else. If someone else isn't interested and think gaming is a waste of time, then fine. But that doesn't make them right anymore than someone thinking any other hobby is a waste of time. Gamers have a stigma because of beliefs like this that they're not the same as TV, movies, books, or whatever. You have your rude jerks, your socially awkward shut ins in all sorts of these hobbies not just games. You yourself said game brought family together for you. That is a connection to show gaming is not a solitary hobby. Passing down old consoles, playing MMOs, swapping experiences on taking down a dragon in Skyrim. These all have value and are the same as talking about a favorite book, discussing plots of a movie, sharing outdoor exercise techniques and activities. If people think games are a waste of time, that's fine, but that doesn't make them right. I personally have started conversations and made new friends just by bringing up games. Have there been eye rolls? Of course but that happens everywhere with everything. We give our games value and we are the ones that get to decide if they matter or if they're a waste of time. That's not being rebellious, that's being an adult and a human that can make your own decisions. If people don't like games, don't talk to them about it, but that doesn't make them a waste.
I don't no man I disagree. Video games are becoming bigger than movies. Now a video game is like playing an interactive tv show or movie. With engaging and thrilling stories, well diverse characters and worlds that movies and tv shows just couldn't come up with. The gaming community is becoming bigger and bigger and we're part of a generation that well into our later years we'll be playing games. Not to mention the stress relief and the good it does for your attention span and reflexes.
@Alletaire @OctoberHymns you both explained it better than I can. Everyone has their opinions of how time should be used, but there is no right way.