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As we draw closer to Christmas, families and countries focus on their own holiday traditions to celebrate. Spain celebrates their own way, with a big, no HUGE, tradition called the Christmas lottery-- which has been running in 1812 and hasn't skipped a year.

Here's how to enter

1. Stand in line and get a ticket. But make sure to pick the right place to buy a ticket!
Numbers are given to specific areas, so if you are lucky enough to be in that area, you could win BIG. In 2012, the tiny village in Spain won big when all but one of its 70 households won a share of the grand prize.
2. Buy a ticket. But make sure to share!
Tickets are really expensive, €200 for just one ticket. So often families get them together, or whole companies will pick coordinate with employees to get them.
3. Wait for your number to be called!
If you get all the same 5 numbers on your ticket, you win the El Gordo! You can win smaller prizes with only 4 numbers as well.
Here's a cute video that represents the shared love of the lottery...

What are some of your countries traditions? Has anyone experienced the Spanish Christmas lottery?

Speaking of winning... Vingle is doing a giveaway in case you missed it.
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What a really cool program. I bet it's awesome for holiday morale. The video is really cute! ^.^
The video was one of my favorite part @ButterflyBlu I like the idea of sharing something like that with coworkers too:)