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Let's start the new year right!

Here's the deal Marvelers: You're all awesome people and I feel like I've been so lucky to get to know you this year. So I thought of something to make it easier for everyone to get to know each other! Here's how it works: Let me know in the comments if you'd like to participate and I'll match you up with someone else in the community. You'll both interview each other and post your new friend's answers on a card of your own!

Use this image so everyone knows what's up!

Here are the questions you'll both ask each other:

1. Favorite Marvel hero?
2. Favorite Marvel villain?
3. Favorite Marvel movie?
4. Favorite Marvel tv series?
5. And finally... favorite color!

Comment below so everyone can be matched up!

@CreeTheOtaku @arnelli AWESOME!! I'll make sure everyone is matched up by tonight :D
I don't mind @shannonl5
Fun! Count me in.
Am I too late?
This actually seems pretty cool. Count me in
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